Directed by: Ewa Bukowska

Written by: Ewa Bukowska (based on an autobiographical novel by Grazyna Jagielska)

Cinematography: Tomasz Naumiuk

Cast: Magdalena Popławska, Michał Żurawski, Kinga Preis, Dorota Kolak, Krzysztof Stroiński

Produced By: Munk Studio, Canal+ Polska


Koszalinski Film Festival Youth and Film 2018

Youth Jury Award - Best Feature Film - Ewa Bukowska (director) and Best Actress - Magdalena Poplawska


“53 Wars is a study of loneliness in a relationship. A love story, a story of dependency on love, dependency on a partner, dependency on war. A tale of a gradual internal collapse and disintegration. I hope the film will forge a place for itself in the discussion on the condition of contemporary humanity, contemporary women,” - Ewa Bukowska

‘Gripping scenes from a war-torn marriage’
— Hollywood Reporter


Country: Poland

Running Time: 1:22

Polish with English subtitles



Rating: M Violence, offensive language, sex scenes & content that may disturb


Ewa Bukowska

(b. 1966, Aleksandrów Kujawski, Poland)

A graduate of the Ludwik Solski National Academy of Theatre Arts in Krakow, Ewa Bukowska has appeared in numerous film and television roles and commercials both in Poland and abroad, while working as a screenwriter, producer and author of television programmes. 53 Wars is Ewa Bukowska’s feature debut.