Double Trouble (Tarapaty)

Adventure Drama (Family):

Directed by: Marta Karwowska

Written by Marta Karwowska

Cinematography: Kacper Fertacz

Cast:Hanna Hryniewicka, Jakub Janota-Bzowski, Joanna Szczepkowska, Maria Maj, Jadwiga

Jankowska-Cieślak, Roma Gąsiorowska, Piotr Głowacki, Krzysztof Stroiński, Michał Grzybowski

Produced by: Koi Studio - Agnieszka Dziedzic

‘The best treasure you can find is a friend’

Friendship is no piece of cake, which twelve-year-old Julka knows all too well. Through circumstances beyond her control Julka ends up staying at her aunt’s house over summer and on finding a treasure map she and her new-found friend Olek, embark on a mystery adventure. But to find their real treasure, Julka and Olek must learn to trust each other.

Double Trouble stems from a nostalgia for children’s movies from decades ago, for a world of bike chases, lost treasures and tree climbing. It would be great if kids today could also experience this ‘analog’ reality.
— Marta Karwowska


Country: Poland

Running Time: 81m

Polish with English subtitles



Rating: PG


Marta Karwowska

Marta Karwowska, graduated in sociology at the University of Warsaw and in direction at the Łódź Film School where she made short feature and documentary films, including the award-winning Owl.

Marta has directed children’s plays (Teatr Czarodziejskiej Kury) and was a second unit director and assistant to Jan Jakub Kolski for ‘Venice’ and casting director in Grzegorz Jaroszuk’s debut feature film Kebab &Horoscope.