Solidarity According to Women / Solidarność Według Kobiet

Directors: Piotr Sliwowski , Marta Dzido
Piotr Śliwowski, Michał Wiśniowski, Magdalena Mosiewicz
Producer: emotikonfilm

Documentary. Year: 2014. 1 hour 43 minutes.
Rated: Exempt
Polish with English subtitles.

The Krzysztof Kieslowski Beyond Borders Award, Documentary/Short Film, New York Polish Film Festival, 2015
Special Award, Polish Film Institute

Early 1980s Poland.

They had the best years of their lives ahead of them. They were in their twenties and thirties and they chose to rebel instead of settling down and living peaceful lives. Those who they rebelled against tried to destroy their marriages, there were threats to have their children taken away to orphanages and the ever present danger that something bad could happen to them. They did not refrain from anything. Their perspective was delivering Poland from the oppression of the Soviet Union. Their objective was freedom and democracy.

The link between two aspects of the film is Marta Dzido – its co-director and narrator. Born in 1981, being a symbolic daughter of the Solidarity movement, Dzido makes an attempt at locating and reinstating women who were written out of recent Polish history.