K2 Touching the Sky / K2. Dotknac nieba

Documentary. Year: 2015. 72 minutes.
Rated: Exempt.
Polish with English Subtitles.

Director: Eliza Kubarska
Producers: Wajda Studio, Braidmade Films

Grand Prize, International Mountaineering FF Teplice nad Metují
2016 Best Feature-length Mountain Film, BANFF Mountain Film and Book Festival
2015 Alpin Camera in Gold, Mountain Festival
2015 Honorable Mention, Mountain Film Fest

In the summer of 1986, several dozen alpinists from all over the world met to climb K2. The season transformed into a series of tragic events called “black summer”, leaving 13 climbers dead.

Almost 30 years later, Director, Eliza Kubarska, together with an international group of now adult children of the acclaimed climbers, sets out on an expedition to reach K2 base camp, the symbolic burial place for those who lost their lives on the mountain. The group will challenge themselves to face the past and to understand the force that once seduced their parents and eventually killed them. Kubarska, an experienced alpinist herself, asks: Is my passion worth the risk? Should I have a child?

Set against breathtaking vistas of the Karakorum Mountains, with intimate archival footage from the 1980s, the film is a multilayered psychological portrait of people who are coping to understand the choices of their parents and their own passion.


Screening with this feature

Object / Obiekt

presented by Krakow Film Foundation

Documentary. Year: 2015. 15 minutes.
Rated: Exempt
Polish with English subtitles

Director: Paulina Skibinska
Cinematography: Jakub Stolecki, Adam Wasiak, Grzegorz Zubowicz, Krzysztof Wiszniewski, Piotr Czechowicz, Arkadiusz Ostrowski
Producers: Stowarzyszenie Filmowców Polskich - Studio Munka,
Studio Puk Katarzyna Szczerba

Short Film Special Jury Award for Visual Poetry, Sundance Film Festival, 2015
Special Mention, Vilnius International Film Festival, 2015
Special Mention, Art Film Fest, Slovakia, 2015
Special Mention, T-Mobile New Horizons IFF, Poland, 2015
Camden Cartel Award, Camden International FF, USA, 2015
Special Jury Prize (Bridging the Gap between Experimental and Documentary Filmmaking), Nashville Film Festival, 2015

Object is a creative and abstract image of an underwater search. The action takes place in the dimensions of two worlds – ice desert and underwater. The story is told from the point of view of the rescue team, of the diver entering the underwater all covered by ice, and of the ordinary people awaiting on the shore. 

Screening with K2 Touching the Sky.