Jarocin: Rock to Freedom / Jarocin, Po Co Wolność

Music Documentary. Year: 2016. 109 minutes.
Rated: Exempt.
Polish with English Subtitles.

Directors: Marek Gajczak, Leszek Gnoinski
Cinematography: Marek Gajczak, Wojciech Słota, Jerzy Pawleta
Producers: Stowarzyszenie Film Kraków

Jarocin: Rock to Freedom, is a music documentary about one of the most important festivals of alternative music organised in Jarocin, central Poland, its roots going back to the 1960s. Jarocin Festival originated as an oasis of freedom and was of particular importance in 1980s Poland, a time of change for the Polish people and one of the few normal places of the time. Jarocin: Rock to Freedom explores the universal theme of freedom -  the freedom of the individual in a totalitarian world, artistic freedom, the freedom of creation and self-expression.