The Lure / Córki dancingu

Director: Agnieszka Smoczynska

Drama/Comedy/Musical/Horror. Year:2015. 92 minutes.
Rated: R16 Violence, horror, sex scenes & offensive language.
Polish with English Subtitles.

Special Jury Prize (World Cinema – Dramatic for Unique Vision and Design),
Sundance Film Festival 2016

The Lure revisits Hans Christian Andersen's classic. At the crossroad between a musical and a rebellious horror film, this fairy tale for adults takes the viewer into a world inspired by Warsaw's dance scene in the 80's.

One evening, Gold and Silver, two mermaid sisters, leave their underwater world to step into the human world. They end up in a night club, where local divas perform classics such as 'I Feel Love' by Donna Summer or 'Byłaś serca biciem' by Andrzej Zaucha surrounded by disco balls and neon lights. When the owners discover that the sisters' beautiful legs turn into a fish tale at the touch of water, they immediately see the potential for new flamboyant shows.

The unbreakable sisterly bond is put at risk when Silver discovers love and affection in the arms of the beautiful young man, while Gold feels the urge to drink human blood to survive. For each of the sisters, it is time for a choice, but a cruel and bloody one.